Sunflower husk pellets


Suitable for pellet boilers, stoves and fireplaces, where the specification describes the suitability for pellets. Most commonly used by home users as well as customers with industrial boilers, heating large industrial halls, factories, hotels and more.


  • Heating appliances using pellets offer great automation capabilities of the process itself.
  • Thus way you will not be a slave of your heating system.
  • Low consumption allows you to reduce the loading and cleaning of the system to even once a week.
  • Another convenience is their compactness, thanks to which they take up little space.
  • Once you have the pellets, they don’t need chopping, drying, arranging or any other care.
  • Sunflower pellets have a very good return on investment.
  • Since the raw material for their production is a residual product, their value is comparatively low.
  • They have high caloric value; they are environmentally friendly and they don’t pollute.


Pellets are made from completely natural sunflower residue and only by mechanical and thermal processing.
They are made from residual materials, ie. raw material that remains as waste in the food industry.
These wastes are ground, dried, heated and then pressed with a machine so that the particles to be sticked together thanks to the lignin contained in the material and to form the known small granules.


Due to its efficiency, recently, not only households, but many businesses have switched to pellet heating – hotels, restaurants, chain stores and various industries.
The use of renewable resources makes us less dependent on abrupt and drastic changes in the prices of fossil fuels such as oil and gas.


ROSINA Sunflower Pellets are available in two sizes – 6mm and 8mm in the following packaging:

  • in sacks of 15 kg. (well-stretched pallet or single pieces);
  • in sacks of 30 kg (well-stretched pallet or single pieces);
  • big-bag 1100 kg. ;
  • in bulk;


Kcal/kg 4502.25,
Moisture analytical 1,21,
Ash 2,92%,
Sulphur 0,08%,
Density 570кг/м3


1. Keep in a dry place;
2.The product should not be released into the environment;
3.Product to be used only for suitable heating appliances;

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Motto of pellets: “Let’s save forests to breathe cleaner air!”


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